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General Questions

According to Global Affairs Canada, and SMO must meet the following criteria: 
  • Consolidated revenue in your organization’s financial statements is equal to or less than $10 million (this limitation does not apply to educational institutions) and your organization does not have annual overseas expenditures exceeding $2 million in development assistance (i.e. projects administered with the promotion of the economic development and welfare of developing countries as their main objective (regardless of the funding source)).
  • If you are an educational institution, you are not required to have consolidated revenues equal to or less than $10 million, but you are still required to submit a signed Canadian SMO attestation form. However, in order to be considered a SMO, an educational institution cannot have annual overseas expenditures in development assistance higher than $2 million.
  • SMOs can be civil society organizations, educational institutions, private sector or social enterprises
  • SMOs must be legally incorporated in Canada
For more information, visit Global Affairs Canada’s website. 
Peer knowledge sharing is rooted in the belief that people learn best from each other through the exchange of stories, practices, tools and/or resources which ultimately deepen the learning experience. A peer-knowledge sharing event may provide participants with explicit knowledge such as documents or procedures and/or tacit knowledge through experiences and personal anecdotes. The goals are typically to create mutual understanding, feelings of being valued, and help peers increase their leadership skills.


In short, yes, it is mandatory. We are looking for applicants that can demonstrate previous experience in hosting peer-to-peer events such as workshops, webinars, lunch and learns etc. The goal is to demonstrate that you have an understanding of your audience and can facilitate a process where participants engage in meaningful discussion and shared practice.
Unfortunately you cannot lead an event unless you are based in the following regions: Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Québec, or Saskatchewan. If you are not based in these regions, a Council-led Spur Sparks event is already planned in your region for Fall 2023. Please sign up to your local council newsletter and keep an eye out for this event! (Links are at the bottom of the page.)


Yes! To help applicants with their budget we’ve created a very simple budget structure. You can add any additional elements to this very basic list (ie: technical expenses, accessibility requirements, etc.).
  • Programming staff (required as an expense): _____$
  • Venue : ______$
  • Materials for ____ number of participants : _____$
  • Lunch and snacks for ___ number of participants : ____$
  • Total cost: ______$
There will be a space provided to enter these details in the application. If choosing a different format for your application, be sure to include some type of budget outlining the above expenses.

* Last updated February 10, 2023. 

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