Meet our Staff


Andréanne Martel

National Program Director

I am committed to Goal 17 (Partnerships for the Goal) because working in collaboration is the only way to face current challenges including climate change. I also support Goal 5 (Gender Equality) because it’s through empowerment and access to decision making that marginalized people will shift the balance of power. 

Prior to joining the Spur Change team, I was the lead of the Next Generation: Collaboration for Development program, a joint initiative between the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) and the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID) aiming to foster better collaboration between practitioners and academics in the Canadian global development sector. My background is in research and M&E. I held a Research Award position in the Policy and Evaluation Division at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and used to be the coordinator of a research centre on international development at the University of Québec in Montréal (UQAM). Since 2010, I have also evaluated several major post-earthquake projects and programs implemented in Haiti by NGOs and international organizations. I hold a Master’s degree in Political Science from UQAM.


Marie-Catherine Thouin

Community Engagement & Conference Manager

I am committed to SDG 4 – Quality Education and SDG 5 – Gender Equality. I believe that providing a quality education to young people is key to developing a democratic society. A quality education helps youth, women, marginalized groups and people in general, become more aware of their rights, be more inclined to claim them and  become more confident in their leadership abilities.

Educating girls and women helps build stronger families and communities and contributes to their economic growth.

Providing girls with an education has important economic impacts that can help achieve both SDG 1 – No poverty and SDG 8 – Reduced inequalities. By investing in education for girls, it is possible to help families who live in poverty send their girls to school, increasing their future job prospects and growing their economic outcomes, which can end vicious circles of poverty.

When girls attend school, there is a better chance to achieve SDG 3 – Health and well-being. When girls go to school, they are better informed about health issues. In a (post) pandemic era, it will be important for girls and women to be informed of the risks related to health to make the best decisions for their family and community.

Prior to taking the role of Spur Change’s Cin, I was an Education Specialist at Equitas for a project on gender equality in Haïti. I am also a trained ESL teacher and I have taught for a few years both in Quebec and abroad.

Needless to say, that for me education is not only essential, but it’s fun! 


André Melrose

Project & Community Coordinator

I am committed to SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDG 2 (Zero Hunger). I believe that the two are inextricably linked as only through a greater awareness and education about food systems and global agriculture can we ensure that everyone is fed. Importantly, this includes promoting sustainable and regenerative agricultural methods, as well as learning from Indigenous leaders around the world on their ancestral agricultural practices. As project officer for Spur Change, I ensure all the boxes are ticked and the work flows without setbacks.

Prior to joining Spur Change, I had recently completed my MSc in Capacity Development and Agricultural Extension. My research focused on the decolonisation of international agricultural development through the active integration of local voices and practices. When I am not advocating for social change, I enjoy escaping into nature for a hike or climb, or working with my hands on a carpentry project or motorcycle maintenance.

John Kunicki

Communications and Monitoring & Evaluation Lead

I am committed to SDG 5 (Gender Equality) and SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth). Ensuring just wages, fair labour practices, and opportunities inclusive of gender identity strengthens collective voice and unites communities for further sustainable change. In the same way, I also am committed to SDG 17 (Partnerships for the Goal) as I believe meaningful change and development can only occur through cooperation and collective engagement.

As the Communications and Monitoring & Evaluation Lead with Spur Change, my role entails spreading the word about our opportunities, and ensuring all our data is well organized so that we can assess and learn as we progress through Spur’s programming window.  I have a Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Literature and English from the University of Alberta with a Certificate in Translation Studies. All that being said, I look forward to working with the Spur team and our partners in promoting global citizenship and sustainable development.

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