Stories to Inspire

Interview with Tony Llorente, 2021 Youth Champion Program Alumni

Through this interview, meet Tony Llorente, a dedicated leader empowering teachers and students on gender equality and indigenous cultures, rights and traditions preservation in the communities of the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve – a protected rainforest known also as the “Lung of Central America” (Nicaragua) …Continue Reading

Haruka Aoyama , 2021 Youth Champion Alumna Contributes to Shaping Nova Scotia's Green Future

Haruka Aoyama joined the Spur Change Youth Champions Program in 2021 when she was looking for an opportunity to learn how to take meaningful and effective actions toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals…Continue Reading

Martial Stanislas Towou, 2020 Youth Champion Alumni Dreams Big

Martial Stanislas Towou always had a dream. Fleeing a difficult childhood in the countryside of the West African country of Benin, Martial rejoined his mother in the large port city of Cotonou, where he vowed to succeed in helping abused and mistreated children…Continue Reading

CTF/FCE Director Dan Martin and Program Officer Sandy Plamondon in Uganda

Risk Planning during a Pandemic

Many Canadians will recognize the CTF/FCE as the umbrella organization for teacher unions across Canada. Since 1962, it has also worked internationally to develop the skills of educators, strengthen the capacity of teacher organizations and foster gender equality and the empowerment of girls and women. .. Continue Reading

Q&A With Monica Kurumbe, Youth Champions Program 2020 Alumna

I am Monica, a happily married woman and a mother of three. I am a proud Maasai from Kilindi, Tanzania. Our tribe is rich in amazing cultures that have been preserved for many centuries. I like the respect we have for our elders, our colourful bibs and clothes, our language and even the natural .. Continue Reading

The Spur Change program: a proud ally for Canadian Small and Medium Organizations

Early Fall 2019, the Spur Change program conducted a comprehensive national needs assessment process in order to assess the capacity building needs and knowledge gaps of Canadian SMOs and appropriate learning methods. Findings from these consultations informed the design of capacity building opportunities held during its first year… Continue Reading

Monica Kurumbe And Her Work In Tanzania

Covid-19 in Tanzania. Hidden from the eyes of many, but visible to young women: the impacts of COVID-19 in Tanzania Story by Monica Kurumbe, Social Worker, Ereto Maasai Youth (EMAYO), a partner organization with The Kesho Trust, a charity entity in Canada. When talking about COVID-19 in… Continue Reading

After The Internship: Autum Jules, 2020 Youth Champions Alumna

Autum Jules is a 2020 Spur Change Youth Champions Program alumna. In this blog, she journals her experience as an intern not only for the Spur Change program but also as a Yukoner participating in the Northern Council for Global Cooperation’s International Internships for Indigenous Youth program … Continue Reading

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