Supporting Small and Medium Organizations, Educators and Canadian Youth

The Spur Change program is a 5-year initiative, funded by Global Affairs Canada, which aims to:

  • increase the effectiveness of Canadian small and medium organizations (SMOs) to deliver sustainable results in support of the Feminist International Assistance Policy and the Sustainable Development Goals;
  •  increase the engagement of Canadian SMOs in international development;
  • increase the engagement of Canadians youth, as global citizens.

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News & Events


What does it mean to be a Global Citizen? Join us for another installment of our Share & Learn series where Marie-Catherine Thouin, our Global Citizenship Education Lead, aims to answer this question. New resources are available for download on our Resource Library aimed to help students and educators alike reflect on being a Global Citizen.


How does your organization plan ahead for risks? Be better prepared to deal with the unknown through scenario-based risk management planning. This hybrid zoom and self-paced online Spur Change training, hosted by ACGC and facilitated by Aléas, will provide the tools and know-how for you to be more adaptable and responsive to changing situations locally and internationally.    


Two key pilot-programs of Global Affairs Canada’s Small and Medium Organizations (SMO) for impact and innovation initiative are coming to an end, including the Spur Change program, and the Fund for Innovation and Transformation (FIT)

To celebrate our successes and share our learnings, Spur Change is organizing a new series highlighting the impact of Canadian SMOs and their contribution in Canada and abroad. Each session will bring different SMOs to the forefront and provide a platform to present their impact and speak to their many achievements.     


This year’s report asks: What Constitutes an “Enabling Environment” for Canadian SMOs? Learn more from what others in the international cooperation sector had to say by checking out the report. See what the community thinks is working well in Canada and where improvements could be made. 

RBM 101 is a self-paced, online training open to anyone but tailored to small and medium organizations. Engage by playing through RBM scenarios with the fledgling Peace & Play organization. Help their team navigate theories of change, logic models, monitoring & evaluation and more! Learn to put theory into practice and come away with applicable skills for your organization. Check out more by visiting the training page and take the course now!

We have numerous  capacity-building opportunities throughout the year, check back often!

Set Criteria to Benefit from the Program

All Canadian SMOs that fit the following GAC criteria are invited to participate in our programming:

  • The consolidated revenue in the organization’s financial statements is equal to or less than $10 million (this limitation does not apply to educational institutions)
  • The organization does not have annual overseas expenditures exceeding $2 million in development assistance (i.e. projects administered with the promotion of the economic development and welfare of developing countries as their main objective – regardless of the funding source)
  • SMOs can be civil society organizations, education institutions, private sector or social enterprises
  • SMOs must be legally incorporated in Canada

All educators across Canada interested in and committed to inspiring and engaging their school communities towards meaningful, effective and sustainable action on global issues are invited to participate.

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