What Is This Course About?

RBM 101 Practising Results-Based Management: An Introductory Course 

This self-paced 3 hr eLearning course covers basic RBM concepts, how RBM can be applied and provides participants with hands-on practise with basic RBM tools.

Launched in March 2021, this online course will be available for participants for the duration of Spur Change’s mandate. It can be a standalone introductory RBM course or it can be used as a preparation for more advanced courses offered by Spur Change or other capacity-building providers.

Meet your hosts

Prami is a Project Manager with 20 years of experience managing complex projects under changing climatic conditions, using RBM tools and approaches that are species sensitive.

Kroja takes care of the monitoring and evaluation of the project and has over 15 years experience leading advanced monitoring and evaluation techniques and technologies, as well as, the learning components of programs.

Overview of the Training

Prami and Kroja work for an organization called Peace & Play and will take you through the 5 islands of their world where you will need to complete a quest on each island. The quests involve developing a project and associated RBM tools.

Take a quick peek at the training:

Ready to Start?

Click through to the home page of the  course where you can begin your journey.

Official Course Launch

RBM 101 officially launched at Spur Change’s Annual Conference One Step Back, Two Steps Forward: Human Dignity Post-COVID on March 11, 2021. If you are interested in hearing about the technical aspects of putting together an online course with gamification, storytelling and enhanced accessibility features, take a look at the conference session. 

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